The Secret To Selling Your OC Home In 30 Days Or Less…

William Soto
William Soto
Published on October 10, 2017

Does selling your home during the holiday season feel more like the winter blues?

Fall has officially arrived and many of us are ready to embrace the festivities of the holidays, but if you are in a position to be selling your home, this does not always feel like an opportune time to make your move.
The last thing you want is to deal with the inconvenience of buyers coming into your home. Holiday house guests are daunting enough, coupled with the chaos of the holidays. Add in the stress of moving and that is enough to send anyone running for the hills.
I can relate. Any added pressure during these next few months wouldn’t have me jumping for joy either. There are advantages; however, to selling during the fall and winter before the height of the competition jumps in on the action come spring.
One advantage in particular that can make the difference of saving your valuable time, and money…something we could a little more of this time of year.
Here is the #1 tip to selling your Orange County home in 30 days, or less! 

There is a new trend in Orange County creating unprecedented results that all homeowners should know before they sell.  

What kind of results, you may ask?  Check out the stats…

  • Actual Results: Of 708 Homes For Sale – 643 Accepted Offers                 … In Less Than 27 Days 
  •  91% Success Rate: A proven process that outperforms the traditional method of selling homes 
  •  Increase Competition: Results in an average of 98 buyers seeing your property… 53% more than a traditional sale 
  •  Save Time: Average days on the market = 27 Days 
  •  Seller Controlled Home Sale: 100% Transparent Process. YOU decide how many days to hold your home on the market. YOU set your asking price… and if that price is not met, you are under NO obligation to sell.  YOU pre-select dates to preview to buyers. In other words, YOU call all the shots 
  •  Less Headaches: No longer spend months tied into a lengthy sales contract with the inconvenience of having to keep your home show ready for buyers to preview 
  •  Who Is This For? Any traditional or luxury home sale – NOT for distressed properties 
  •  Everyone Wins: 96% of homes we listed using this process -sold. The 4% that that did not sell, still benefit! In less than 30 days, home owners gained real time market value of what their home was likely to sell for based upon offers received during their home sale process.
So how does this work?  It’s called the Auction Advantage.  Now before you go running the other direction because I just used that frightening word “auction”, let me reassure you:  this is not the kind of auction you likely are familiar with.


Here in the United States we often associate that word with buying a home at the courthouse steps, or for selling a “distressed property”.

Not so for Auction Advantage.  This  real estate platform is specifically tailored to everyday homes and it is incredibly successful with luxury properties. 
In fact, this is the exact method used to sell homes in many other countries, for example, China and Australia. It’s highly effective, more efficient and results driven.
Here is how, and why, it works so well.  You, the seller, gets to set a minimum price. We do not believe in undervaluing a home.  If bidding does not reach your minimum reserve, you are under NO obligation to sell.  Potential buyers do not know your minimum reserve price;  instead they focus on your property’s features and the real value of your home.  We do not get paid until we sell your property, and we will not sell your property until we reach an a
mount you like.


The Auction Advantage takes the lengthy traditional method of listing your home….and then waiting, and hoping… completely out of the equation.  No guessing when, and if, your property will sell.  No keeping the house tidy for months on end for buyers to preview.  Instead, you set your own auction date, and timeline.


You might be wondering why all Real Estate Agents and Brokers aren’t using the auction platform to sell homes… and the answer is because they cannot do so. Auction Advantage is a platform exclusive  to Harcourts, which is a  Soto & Associates Brokerage firm.  This is what sets us apart from the competition.  In fact, we even partner with outside agents when they want to use our auction process to sell their clients’ homes.
Since discovering the auction advantage, we have made it our mission to offer access to this valuable resource for anyone getting ready to sell their home.  While we do represent traditional home sales, we offer the option to utilize this exclusive platform to every one of our clients.   
With auction sales far outperforming the traditional home selling process, many of our clients prefer to sell their home using the auction platform.  Selling a home is arguably one of your most expensive transactions in life. This method has proven to be tremendously advantageous consistently producing unprecedented results, saving home sellers valuable time and money.  

A solid process is key to your success.  If you would like a more detailed break down of how you can use the auction platform specifically pertaining to your home, please use our contact form for more information.   We will begin working on your customized auction advantage analysis right away,  and schedule a complimentary consultation.

Interested in more information? Review the following video and documents for additional detail:





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