Expired?! Selling Your Home After the Listing Expires.

William Soto
Published on April 2, 2019

Expired?! Selling Your Home After the Listing Expires.

Was your home recently on the market, but didn’t sell? I understand the frustration and stress of a failed home sale. It’s something many of my clients experienced before they hired me as their Real Estate Broker.

But just because your past selling experiences may not have been positive, I’m here to tell you that your home can sell. You just need the right tools to get it sold.  

So why didn’t your home sell? First and foremost you should know that it’s not your fault.

I’ve seen many homes fail to sell with one agent – only to quickly sell with another agent with a different approach, in order to reach the right buyers willing to pay more money.

Contrary to what most people think, the price isn’t always the reason that a home doesn’t sell.

There are many reasons a listing contract expires — and an inflated price tag isn’t always to blame. In fact, in my experience, poor marketing and agent strategy are the primary culprits of a failed home sale.

Would you consider selling your home – if you could get the right price?

If you said “Yes”, then I want to give you all of the insider tips I know about selling homes — with no obligation — right at your fingertips.

I’ve written a guide that shows you how to sell any home after the listing contract expires — for the most money possible in the shortest amount of time.

I specialize in working with expired homeowners and in this guide share all of my top strategies of how I successfully have sold my client’s homes after they failed to sell on the first attempt. 

The guide addresses the most common reasons a home didn’t sell and offers solutions to prevent it from expiring in the future.

You will learn:

  • Why the listing price isn’t the only factor that affects a sale.
  • The six most common reasons why a listing contract will expire.
  • How to sell a home that didn’t sell — without dropping the price.
  • Why some houses sell faster than others. Hint: it’s not what you think!
  • Marketing techniques and strategies to improve your chances of selling.
  • Why some homes DO NOT sell – even in a strong market.

This guide has helped hundreds of expired homeowners sell their homes — and for more money than they initially thought.

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This is the exact same process I’ve used to help more than 1200+ homeowners sell their homes for the highest price – in an average of 35 days on market – with 90% success rate.

Without all the overwhelm and headaches often associated with selling a home.

Why should you consider me a reliable resource on this topic? Not only do I specialize in working with expired homeowners, but am ranked in the top 1% of all Orange County Realtors. I have over 18 years of experience as a Real Estate Broker and am the Managing Partner of Harcourts USA Headquarters Prime Property office in Aliso Viejo. I was born and raised as a local Southern Californian and live here with my wife, Erin, and our four children.

My goal is to empower you as an informed consumer in the real estate market and I am happy to share my exclusive resources with you. You can immediately begin to implement them and give yourself a head start for a successful move.

The bottom line here is that if you still need to sell, reading this guide will help you. I wish you the best of luck in your home-selling endeavors.

As a trusted expert on expired listings, I’ve written an entire book dedicated to this very topic, Selling Your Home After the Listing Contract Expires. In this book, I share all of my top strategies and actual examples from REAL CLIENTS who have used them successfully. For a limited time, I am giving away my book for free to those visiting my blog.

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This book addresses the most common reasons a home didn’t sell and offers solutions to prevent it from expiring in the future.   We have helped hundreds of expired homeowners sell their homes — and for more money than they initially thought.
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