Luxury Auctions have arrived to Southern California and are creating unprecedented results.
From Orange County to San Diego, Southern California homeowners are selling with extraordinary results using an auction platform that far outperforms the traditional method of selling real estate.
Howard and Lois Hughes are Rancho Mission Viejo residents who recently sold their home under Harcourts auction.
“We received multiple offers in less than two weeks, and sold our home for more than what the neighborhood ‘comp values’ would have otherwise priced our house at.”

While this preferred home selling method is a relatively newer concept  to Southern Californians, Harcourts Auctions has been conducting auction sales worldwide since 1888.  They are recognized as an industry leader in auction sales by offering sellers the ability to receive a premium sale price for their home, in the shortest possible time frame.  A trend that seems to be growing in popularity among Southern California residents ever since Harcourts opened their USA Headquarters in Orange County California in 2010.

Here in the United States we often associate an auction sale with a distressed property.

Not so for Harcourts which  conducts more than 15,000 auction sales worldwide – every year.  This  real estate platform is specifically tailored to everyday homes and is incredibly successful with luxury real estate – a reason why many Southern California residents seem to be embracing the trend.
Ben Brady, Harcourts Auctioneer explains how, and why, it works so well.
The seller, sets a minimum reserve bid price. We do not believe in undervaluing a home. If bidding does not reach your minimum reserve, you are under NO obligation to sell.  Potential buyers do not know your minimum reserve price;  instead they focus on your property’s features and the real value of your home.  We do not get paid until we sell your property, and we will not sell your property until we reach an a mount you like.
The Auction Advantage takes the lengthy familiar method of listing your home, and then waiting for an offer, out of the equation.  No guessing when, or if, your property will sell.  No keeping the house tidy for months on end for buyers to preview.  Instead, you set your auction date, and timeline.
It’s a highly effective, more efficient and a results driven process statistically proven to outperform traditional home sales.

Actual Results:

  •  Auction Sales: Of 1183 Auction Homes For Sale – 1087 Accepted Offers – In Less Than 35 Days.
  •  93% Success Rate: A proven process that outperforms the traditional method of selling homes.
  • Increase Competition: An average of 100 buyers previewing your property –  53% more than traditional open house showings.
  • Save Time: Average days on the market = 35 Days!
  •  Seller Controlled Home Sale: 100% Transparent process that gives the seller more control.
    • Pre-selected buyer preview dates.
    • Sets minimum reserve sale price – not advertised to the public.
    • If the minimum reserve is not met, the seller is under no obligation to sell.
  • Less Headaches: No lengthy sales contracts or common inconveniences that accompany drawn out processes – and can result in expired listings.
  •  Who Is This For? Any traditional or luxury home sale. *NOT for distressed properties*
  • Everyone Wins: 90% of auction homes sell.  The 10% that that do not sell by auction, still benefit.  In less than 35 days homeowners gain real-time market value of what their home is likely to sell for based upon the offers received during their Auction sale process.

You might be wondering why all Real Estate Agents and Brokers aren’t using the auction platform to sell homes.  The answer is they cannot do so. Our Auction platform is exclusive to Harcourts Auctions and securely backed with reputable brand recognition as the world leader in auction home sales – since 1888.  This is what sets us apart from the competition.

Since discovering the auction advantage, Wm Soto and Associates team has made it our mission to offer access to this valuable resource for anyone preparing to sell their home. While we also represent traditional home sales, we offer every client the option to utilize this advantageous platform.
Selling your house is arguably one of your most expensive transactions in life.  Given the reliability of auction sales consistent results, we are able to help clients save valuable time and money.

A solid process is key to your success.  If you would like a more detailed break down of how you can use the auction platform specifically pertaining to your home, please complete our contact form.  We will begin working on your customized auction analysis right away,  and schedule a complimentary consultation.


Interested in more information? Review the following video and documents for further detail: